The words in this book were written by me, but inspired by another or others. I was aware they were given by one person, but that person is from one of many who sit together at God’s right hand for a purpose they explain in these pages.

     I say person, although that is a term used by us, as we can better understand it than saying pure spirit. If I’m really honest, I know the content came from pure spirit of God’s heavenly kingdom, but actually feel everything written was given by a person who was once of our world, but appointed by them for the purpose of passing me their words. I also feel I know who that person is and why they would have been chosen, but that is private for me to know only.

     I do not ever sit and ask for messages or words to be given to me. Everything I do happens naturally. When they are to give me words and I am not expecting it, I start to yawn, even though I am not tired. This yawning happens constantly for about five minutes, making my eyes stream until the first words come into my head. The speed with which I type is far quicker than normal in order for me to keep up with the words they give me.

     Talk of devastation, destruction of countries, sky, sea, land, animals, disease, paedophilia, bestiality, religion, the after-life and so much more is touched upon within these pages. It is hard hitting, but in a way that is far gentler than I could ever word it myself.

     What you make of it is a personal thing to you. They say many will hate the content and others will rejoice. Those who find it negative will possibly be of little awareness about the ways those sent by God truly work and will prefer the ways of false spirituality and spirits as offered by so many today; a false spirituality allowing everyone to behave and live as they wish with no judgment or retribution from God.

They may also be in denial about our world as it already is seen to be. Those who find it positive will see the truths that lie within these pages and be prepared to look at themselves in an honest way and help in the ways asked of them.

     When the word spirit is spoken of, it is those of God’s kingdom that are spoken of and not those who come to do readings professing to be of the dead. When we leave our earthly bodies behind us, we will one day enter a world of pure spirit that will hopefully lead us to God and Paradise. Only spirits who lead us to God are the ones we should be listening to.

     I am overawed by the fact I have been chosen to deliver these words and I apologise profusely to you for being mentioned in here. I was going to cut those bits out, but was told I must leave them in.

     If what they say within these pages is seen to happen, together with what they say is to happen to me, it will help show readers their words are true and are indeed of God – for God never lies.

     They warn of how I, and others like me who are used to pass their words to the world, will be treated by some who will be angered and who will ridicule and try to discredit us. They will not like what they hear and read due to being offered, or offering, the new brand of spirituality more to man’s liking.

     What man thinks of me means little. There is only one I serve and answer to and that is God.

Lorraine Holloway-White

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